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Kilimanjaro Climbs
Mountain Climbs
You, too, can stand on the "roof of Africa!" Challenging climbs with a personal touch. Kilimanjaro, Mt. Meru and more.

Safaris Walking or Riding
Cultural Tourism
Photography Shoots
Social/Humanitarian Projects
Our Tours
We take pride in our wide selection of quality tours.

Tour by vehicle, camel, or walk through the natural environment of hundreds of exotic species!
Visit Maasai Bomas, see native dances, sample local cooking, and learn of the assimilation of some ancient traditions.
With Big Game, vast landscapes, amazing birds, animals and insects as well as indiginous people in traditional dress, this is a photographer's paradise!
Visit or volunteer: schools, orphanages, handicapped vocational centers. Gifts of used clothing or used laptops always appreciated.
Tanzania can be seen from the window of a Land Rover, from a light aircraft crossing the plains of the Serengeti, or from the towering summit of snow-capped MT. Kilimanjaro.  

Whatever your view, you will not go home unchaanged.
Beach Vacations
OUR 3 MOST POPULAR TRIPS ** CLICK  PICS FOR INFORMATION, sample schedules and pricing
Beach Vacations
White sandy beaches, turquoise water and your choice of seclusion or more activity! 
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