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Tanzania is the heart of Africa's premier mountain climbing and safari resources and culturally diverse populations. Our company is owned and operated by experienced, highly qualified local professionals with impeccable safety, business, social, and leading credentials. You will not find guides more knowledgeable about the location and more eager to share their experience with you!

Because we live locally, we eliminate the "middle man" and save you money for the very best quality program.This is our guarantee.

John Mtui, Founder
  • Experience Safety Knowledge English Speaking
  • Local Contacts and Prices Seriously devoted to YOU!
We know there are many travel companies for you to choose from. 

About Mountain Kings & Safari TZ
You will not find guides more knowledgeable about the location and more eager to share their experience with you!
Our Guides have led countless climbing and safari expeditions throughout Tanzania and are familiar with all Routes, Mountains, and National Parks.
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Our company has a rich history of safe and exciting adventures enjoyed by clients worldwide. Founded 20 years ago by John Mafala Mtui,a head guide and well-known expert in Tanzanian history, culture and natural resources, this is a travel company second to none-except in price. Since we deal locally rather than from outside the country, we can maintain our very reasonable rates and top quality.
With John's illness and untimely death in 2015, the business was taken over by John's son, Peter, who maintains his father's high standards of safety and experience. 

Peter has worked his way up in his father's business from cook and porter to guide and director, thus learning every aspect of planning and follow-through with international tourism while maintaining his father's proven contacts with regard to lodging, etc.

Whether you are looking forward to treating yourself to plush accommodations or are happy with a plain tent-or anything in between- Peter will customize your trip to your exact specifications while respecting your budget and interests.
Peter Mtui son and heir to John's business